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Private Guides against Coronavirus in Seville (Spain)


1.- Why do our guides give so much importance to the immune system?

Simple: if your guide enjoys a strong immune system, even in the case of having come into contact with the virus (Covid-19 or others, it does not matter) before your arrival, he can have destroyed it in a few hours, so that he cannot become even asymptomatic carrier. This is, one cannot pass a virus that he/she doesn’t carry.

2.- How can the immune system be kept as strong as possible?

What we write below does not replace, but strenghten the external prevention measures (face mask, frequent hand washing, observing distances, etc.) that our guides adopt every day. Our Seville guides make daily physical exercise, they observe an adequate diet free from refined and processed food, free from refined carbohydrates and added sugars, rich on vegetables. They eat little or no meat, for example, or sweets or soft drinks. This is, we reduce the amount of work for the digestive system, in order to release the energy necessary for strengthening the immune system, which is the absolute priority at this time.

3.- Against infections, stimulate autophagy.

There are two complementary ways to carry out the additional cleaning of the organism of our guides, namely daily cleaning from harmful external agents (including viruses): taking natural antivirals and call autophagy to action.

On the first point (natural antivirals) everyone has their own ideas: someone like me who write has been using FIRE CIDER for some time, someone else simply takes daily doses of GARLIC, GINGER, TURMERIC and VITAMIN C. Please check this videovideo.

On the second point, AUTOPHAGY, our guides skip dinner every day. This gives the body two essential advantages. Skipping dinner allows the digestive system, to rest for at least 15-16 hours a day. To all the cells of the body, it allows to activate the autophagy.

What’s this? It is a purification mechanism that the body of living beings (from yeast to human beings) automatically sets in motion when it finds itself in a situation of caloric restriction for many hours. The 2016 Nobel Prize of Medicine, Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, discovered the cellular mechanisms of autophagy.

So, we realized that if we stimulated autophagy every day, how could a virus get inside the body? Covid-19, viruses and even bacterial infections may never make it.

4.-Avoid constant stress and fear.

Finally, you need to keep stress at bay and get rid of fear. It has long been known that stress (even continous fear is a kind of bad stress) depresses the immune system, so we need to find a way to live more relaxed. Constant fear and lack of serenity increase the chances of contracting viral and bacterial infections. Trust the strenght of your body: if you take care of him, he will take care of you.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”




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