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Seville 4h private walking tour: Alcazar Cathedral Giralda Jewish quarter -or- Meet & Greet 2hours

4 hours Half day guided Tour of Seville

We will show you the key sights and must-see places, and will provide indications on where to do things that are a must in Seville: Flamenco and Tapas experiences in old taverns, indulge in the lovely streets of Triana or Santa Cruz. Feel the influences that the Tartessians, Romans, Arabs, Jews, Phoenicians and Gypsies have had on the city, and looking at modern times. This tour if also perfect for a Seville short break or weekend.


We'll enter the most important monument of the city and much more: will tour its best streets, this is a guided tour into the Unesco World Heritage monuments: Seville's cathedral skip the lines + Giralda bell tower, royal palace (Seville Alcazar palace skip the lines) and walk inside the former Sephardi Jewish section and the old town.

Duration of the Tour

4 hours exclusive walking tour We can pick you up in your hotel lobby, Port of Seville pier, Train station. Our tours are private for your party only. No strangers will join.
PRECIO/ PREZZO/ PRIX/ FEE: 240€ per party (not per person) + admissions to monuments Admissions to attractions and UNESCO monuments like Seville Alcázar and Cathedral are not included.


2 hours Meet and Greet in Seville

2 hours Meet&Greet: orientation tour

Sevilla is a big city of 700'000 people with a big old town. Beautiful place to walk indeed, also easy to get lost into if you enter the maze of narrow streets. As your guide, I've designed this tour for travelers who want to have a first general overview of the city + the key tips to find your ways and orientation. We'll do this while walking and getting a perfect first touch of Seville in just two hours. After this tour, you will have already understood the soul and structure of the city and visited the most important area of its centre. I will provide you with the best map of the city and mark the important landmarks and sites like monuments, tapas bars, venues which will make easier the exploration of the city on your own. Among the guided tours in Seville Spain this is the shortest and proven very useful to dozens of special guests!


We will visit the main moumental area of the big city centre of Seville where we have the most important monuments: Bullring + Golden Tower + San Telmo Palace + Old Tobacco Factory + Ancient Jewish Quarter + Cathedral and Giralda + Royal Palaces + Archive of the Indies. This is the best way to know the city as soon as you get to beautiful Seville.

Duration of the Tour

2 hours exclusive walking tour We can pick you up in your hotel lobby, Port of Seville pier, Train station, or even meet in the old town (at the foot of Giralda belltower) Our tours are private for your party only. No strangers will join. Admissions to attractions or monuments (and your meals) are not included.
 PRIX/ FEE: 130€ per party (not per person) + admissions to monuments


Tour Seville with Children and family building

Tours for children and family building: are you preparing a family holiday? Or maybe you wish to include a family-building fun activity? This private tour is for you: it’s completely flexible and adaptable to your needs! We are sure you will love it.

Podremos insertar una clase de baile flamenco (las risas y la diversión son aseguradas) para introducir la musica y baile andaluz. incluso podríamos insertar otras actividades artísticas o tal vez: una vuelta en carruaje de caballos, un minicrucerito en barco en el río Guadalquivir en el centro de la ciudad, las opciones son muchas!


We will visit the key monuments of the old town from your children's point of view: the cathedral, the Alcázar royal palace, the city centre. We will also walk the charming alleys and lovely little squares. There is always the option to limit the amount time dedicated to the sites and make room to the above mentioned activities (or others).


4 hours with breaks

PRECIO/ PREZZO/ PRIX/ FEE: 240€ per party, not per person + admissions to monuments



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