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Private Tour Guide Fees

  1. Our pricing is per tour...

...not per person, so if there are five or more in your group, you will pay less than if you took a bus tour and will enjoy a much better tour.

2. Our tours are private. Tailor-made tours, experiences and activities.

We will spend time only with you and your party. You decide the pace: see as much as you can or slow down the tour as much as you like. Off the beaten path. You decide what to see and when, you choose the transportation method, we will satisfy your personal and specific interests.

3. Vat, taxes, civil liability insurance cover included.

4. Admissions to monuments and sites, not included.

City tour

CITY TOUR: SEVILLA CORDOBA GRANADA2 hours3 hours4 hours5 hours6 hours
Walking tour€ 140€ 210€ 280€ 350€ 420
Van up to 6€ 380€ 450€ 550€ 650€ 750
Coach€ 475€ 600€ 725€ 850€ 975

Daytrips to Cordova, Ronda, Granada, Cadiz, Jerez, Carmona, Arcos, white villages

EXCURSION6 hours8 hours10 hoursShore excursion up to 12 hours
Guide only€ 430€ 580€ 720€ 860
Car -Minivan€ 750€ 950€ 1200€ 1450
Bus up to 20€ 975€ 1225€ 1475€ 1600