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Flamenco Dance Class + Show in Seville

This is your chance to give your first steps in the world of Flamenco.

Learn and rehearse the gestures of the arms, hands, a few steps including some footwork. You will have fun, feel something new, and be ready to better grasp the essence of a live flamenco show, after the dance class. The more you understand and feel, the higher the pleasure of Flamenco. After the class, you will deserve a little rest and a drink: we'll sit near the stage, where I will tell you the basics facts and history that you need to know about Flamenco. And the magic will start right in front of you.


The activity takes places at the flamenco school and tablao. The PRIVATE dance class duration is 1 hour and then after a break of 20 min the show will start and you'll enjoy it during 1 hour 10 min. No need guide for it: we will book for you and you will pay there (or prepay if you wish).

Duration: 2h30min

Admissions: 180€ for the group private dance class + 24€ per person for the live show


  "The Magic of Seville Private Tours" - Phone +34 611404823 - E-Mail: