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Alhambra de Granada, daytrip from Seville

Granada day trip from Seville: Alhambra, Albaycín and the best vista of Spain

Alhambra and Albayzin private tour from Seville. Trip to the heart of the last kingdom of Al Andalus, a treasure and a jewel of arts. Not a castle but a state of the spirit.

Granada and the Alhambra: the last Muslim kingdom of Spain. If Cordoba is the Alpha, the beginning of Al-Andalus civilization, Granada is the Omega, the last Andalusí kingdom. Under Nasrid rule, the stunning Alhambra was built and said the last word about that magic world. Alhambra is the red fortress, the speaking walls, a buried treasure and a jewel of arts. A magnificent collection of mosaics, arabesques, plaster works, timber inlays and ceilings. This is a long day trip leaving from Seville for visiting not only Alhambra, but also the Albayzín, the original city of Granada. You’ll see how Alhambra isn’t just a monument, it is a state of mind.

Our word ‘paradise’ comes from Sanskrit, Pairidaēza. This word traveled from India, to Persia, Greece and Al Andalus. Paradise means closed garden, private garden. Would you like to understand its meaning with your senses and intelligence? Come to Alhambra: the last Andalusí kingdom of Spain.


Seville: the tour starts.
Arrival in Granada (travel time 3h)
Visit the Alhambra (about 2h30′)
Visit the Albayzín and lunch (2h30)
Travel back to Seville (travel time 2h45′)
The timing is approximate.
We will spot meals according to your needs


12 hours approximately

We can pick you up in your hotel lobby, Port of Seville pier, Train station.
Our tours are private for your party only. No strangers will join.
Admissions to Alhambra (and your meals) are not included.

FEE: Van up to 6 persons: 1375€ (price per group, not per person) + admissions to monuments


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