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Sevillan Handicrafts Private Experience

Private experience to let you visit workshops and put your hands to work, if you wish. Please enjoy the description of these activities and workshop visits.     Sevillan ceramics: the art of giving shape to the earth. Sevilla downtown offers few options for enjoying a good demo or hands-on experience on pottery and ceramic art. Learn about the different styles and techniques that developed here: Andalusí, Mudéjar, Gortesque, Triana, Mosaic. One thousand years of art.           Cordoba is the cradle of Decoration on Leather since the times of the Caliphate. Goat and cow leather is used. Unfortunately for big groups, demos aren't available for them. On the other hand, small parties may visit the actual shops and see artisans at work, provided booking is made with proper advance. This isn't a routine activity so that the handcraftman needs to spot time for our visit.       Take the wonderful Manila Shawls: this is possibly the finest experience for the lovers of silk, embroidery, flowers and popular traditions.  I will introduce you to the the real women whose hands have realized the finest items of Sevillan embroidery. You will personally talk to them and learn about the secrets of this art. Feel the quality with your shoulders and fingers. Forget about the industrial-made products and the tourist souvenirs shops. Go for the authentic: workshops into private houses.

Duration of the activities

Depends on the kind of activity you choose:
  • Decoration on Leather: 8 hours Full daytrip to Cordoba
  • Sevillan Ceramics Workshop: 4 hours tour (no need vehicle in Seville)
  • Manila Shawls: 4 hours tour (chauffered)
We can pick you up in your hotel lobby, Port of Seville pier, Train station. Our tours are private for your party only. No strangers will join. Admissions to attractions or monuments (and your meals) are not included. F E E RESERVE TOUR