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The Spanish guitar that Barack Obama left behind

On July 9th 2016, the city of Seville got dressed up as a beautiful gitana, putting on her best traje de lunares to welcome one of the most prestigious guest ever, the former President of United States Mr. Barack Obama.

The ex-President, on the way back from Rota Navy Base, scheduled a brief visit to the Andalusian capital before leaving for US from Madrid Airport.

Guide Jesus Naranjo and Michelle Obama in Ronda
Guide Jesus Naranjo and Michelle Obama in Ronda
The news was happily welcomed by the city and Obama's visit raised citizens’ curiosity. The details of the visit were obviously strictly confidential (until the very last moment nobody could tell whether the ex-President would have stayed at Gran Melia Colón Hotel, a stylish and modern hotel or at Alfonso XIII, a rather luxurious and majestic hotel). Nonetheless, many rumors spread out.

According to sources, Obama should have spent about 18 hours in Seville. He’d have visited the Cathedral, going up to Giralda Tower, from which he would have waved at the crowds. King Felipe VI would have welcomed him inside Real Alcazar, and the ex-President would have had about 45 min visit, being toured by one of the 600 touring guides who’ve been specifically pre-selected. Traffic, including cycles and scooters would be backed up. Neither Michelle Obama nor Queen Letizia would have accompanied their husbands, and weather previsions (110 º F) said that Obama would have truly experienced what calóh is (typical and quite unbearable Seville’s summer heat).

The dramatic events occurred in Dallas on July 7 and 8 forced the ex-President to cancel the visit and run back to USA to face the crisis.
Obama's hand-made flamenco guitar
What’s left of Barack Obama’s canceled visit is a unique and invaluable flamenco guitar which brilliant luthier Antonio Bernal made for him, and which Antonio’s still patiently waiting to give Obama.We use to say that Flamenco is the blues of Spain, and after listening Obama singing Sweet home Chicago... Mr. president, when are you planning to visit Seville again? Seville is looking forward to have you as guest. Also, the White House booked a great private guide, who is still waiting to show Obama around as well!