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Cordoba and the grand Mosque daytrip from Seville

Cordoba chauffeured tour from Seville: the Mosque, the Judería and refreshing Salmorejo

  Córdoba has been one of the capital cities of the European and Mediterranean culture for almost one three centuries. From the second half of VIII century, during the following 300 years, the world's greatest cities in any sense were Baghdad, Cordoba, Constantinople, El Cairo, Alexandria, Damascus. There you can find the roots of scientific renaissance, that later on spread to Europe. Cordoba is the Alpha, the Omayyad origin of Al-Andalus. The magnificent mosque of Cordoba marks the beginning of its legendary civilization. Cordoba, the city of 500 hammam. Still calm and beautiful.

Itinerary for Cordoba shore excursion

- Leave from Seville port in the morning. - Arrive to Cordoba (1h30' to 1h45' drive, during which I will give you an extensive introduction to Al-Andalus culture) - The roman bridge over Guadalquivir river. - Visit the Mosque-Cathedral and the Jewish-Moorish section. - Visit the little Synagogue (closes on Mondays) - Visit the Alcazares of Christian Kings or the Hammam Arab Baths (closes on Mondays). - Optional time for lunch or tapas. - Travel back to Sevilla.

Duration of the excursion

8 hours daytrip We can pick you up by the cruise terminal at Seville Port. Your excursion is 100% private for your party only. No strangers will join. Admissions to attractions or monuments (and your meals) are not included. You may opt for the comfortable train.


Van up to 6 persons/ hasta 6/ fino a 6: 1075€ -OR- Minibus 1300€ (price per tour, not per person) + tickets monuments

Why is Cordoba so important to understand the modern western world? Check this post.


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