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Seville City Tours

Accessible Seville
Seville at your pace. If you use a wheelchair / walking aid and sticks/ crutches, this tour is for you. The itinerary also avoids steps and annoying cobblestones and it follows a mostly flat path along the Tour.
Sefardi Tour
What is left from that Sefardi life? We’ll look for the traces of ancient synagogues turned into churches, the remainings of the old streets. Here is where Sevillan Medieval Jewish community was self-governing. Where did the Sephardic past go?
Meet & Greet OR Halfday Tour
Half day private guided city tour of Seville. You may choose between and half day private guided tour including main sites and monuments, and a 2 hours meet and greet tour to help you orientate and get all the tips and infor needed.
Full city tour + Flamenco night
Understand and grasp the essence of this land in one day. A complete Seville private tour, the authentic flamenco evening live show. Senses-catching palaces, charming squares, people and their tapas. Guitar, clapping, passionate dance.
Intensive city tour
The complete Seville private guided tour in one day. If you have got time, choose among the most interesting Sevillan sites and experiences and book a tour that includes those that interest you most: will design the best itinerary.
Private tapas tour
To go downtown Seville for tapas is an old tradition here of sevillan lifestyle. We will visit the best tapas venues and charming squares. You will sample famed Iberian ham,  tomato salmorejo, choco and manzanilla sherry...