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The 5 best times and spots to portrait Giralda, the icon of Seville

Giralda bell tower (former minaret until year 1248 aC) is the unchallenged icon of Seville, its most important landmark for the last 900 years almost.

Everybody wants to selfie before this magnificent tower or grab an unique portrait before leaving Seville. So, what are the 5 best times in the day/night and the spots to portrait Giralda, the icon of Seville?

Today I will give you a few hints so your camera will start dreaming about it.

1) Early Sunset. Go to Triana, Betis street at the sunset and you'll see the sunbeams striking against the west side of the tower and make it shine like gold. Best if you find an elevated spot (like the rooftop of the restaurant located at the end of the Triana bridge).

2) Morning. Go to the Virgen de los Reyes square, the Giralda’s address in town, on a clear blue sky day (this is almost always the case in Seville). Sun is shining on the east side. Put your camera on a stand and point the lenses at the top of the tower. Manual mode. Slow shutter, and let the clouds gently flow above the bronze weather vane. Try, try and.. magic!

3) Evening. Just before sun dies. Climb stairs or take elevator to the rooftop in Santa Catalina neighborhood. Find the sun reflecting the very last beam on the weather vane while birds flying around it. Need a good zoom to close the angle.

4) Noon: sun start to kissing the west face of Giralda. Find your way inside the Oranges patio (courtyard) inside the Gothic cathedral. Any camera will do.

5) Afternoon. Book the cathedral rooftop walking tour. They will let you even sit beside the skylight of the Royal chapel’s dome. You will be RIGHT IN FRONT of the majestic south side of the tower, face to face, at the high of 30 meters. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to climb the Giralda itself.