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A hammam in Seville: relaxing and spiritual stop in the ancient Arab baths

Water and Philosophy in Seville with Ibn Arabi


seville private dram tourAndalusia is a region that enchants with its cheerfulness, good food and the elegance of its architecture, strongly influenced by the Moors. From the Arab conquest there are also the baths, which remain a tradition as ancient as it is relaxing. Trying the experience of the hammam in Seville thus becomes a way to dive into the past by regenerating the body.

The hammam in Seville that you must try is in the Santa Cruz district and is housed in a historic Andalusian building (hammam’s name: Aire de Sevilla).

Under the flowery patio, refreshed by the fountains, there is a secret world: the ideal place to rest after a visit to the city. As in any self-respecting hammam, it is good to arrive a few minutes before the start of the route to enjoy a hot tea in peace. The complete session lasts an hour and a half, costs about 25 euros and involves the use of tubs with water at a variable temperature between 16°C and 40°C. Also worth trying is the whirlpool and the salt water tub, which is particularly beneficial for the skin and respiratory tract. Shifts start from 10 to 22.30; on Fridays and Saturdays it is also possible to swim at night from 12 to 1.30 am.

sevilla hammam bathsDuring your experience inside the hammam, just when your body and mind are fully relaxed, you might like to consider the story of Ibn Arabi.

This man was a Scientist of the Human Spirit nine centuries ago, in Al Andalus and especially in Seville. He was the man of Yes and Not : he was able to catch the connection between the opposite poles of the reality of the Nature, including the human experience, of course. To him, Cosmos is the expression of all the attributes of God. The unicity of God splits into the multiplicity of the creation. Ibn Arabi used to say that is heart was like the light, that’s able to adopt al forms that we can see in the Nature and who reaches everything at the same time.

If you’re familiar with the thinking of the East, the above lines will sound like Buddha and Lao Tse.

After the baths, you can take the time to stop in the tea room on the first floor to taste the delicious Arabic pastries.